About US

SINLOLI is a sister brand of Hismith. We are devoted to being masters of high-quality, innovative, yet affordable sex machines, sex toys and accessories. Sinloli incorporates a young, vibrant and cute style (18+), designed to arouse you, allow you to explore your sexuality, keep you company, and add more fun times to your life. Sinloli is proud to offer high-quality sex toys, that will last you a long time when you care for them as explained.

SINLOLI products are kept to the same high standards of Hismith’s design and production executives. In cooperation with Hismith, we have successfully designed a premium, high quality sex machine, at a more affordable price, in hopes that this allows more people to experience the pleasures of a sex machine's power, versatility and endurance. Our newly developed Realistic Masturbator in 2022, including the SINLOLI APP and remote control, named Sherry.

Sexuality is a normal, healthy and perhaps the most exciting part of the human experience. We are proud to be able to aid you in enhancing your sexual experiences to the highest levels with our toys!