How can login to Sinloli APP?
Sinloli now supports the following login methods:
  • Email registered Sinloli account.
  • Facebook login.
  • Twitter login.
  • Google login.
  • AppleID login (IPhone/Ipad).
  • Hismith account login.
How to modify the email of an account?
When editing personal information, click "Email" to modify the email.
How does the APP connect to Sinloli products?
On the Home Page, click the Bluetooth status icon in the upper right corner to start searching for Sinloli devices that have been turned on nearby, and click "Connection" to connect.
Why can't we search SINLOLI device successfully when mobile's Bluetooth turn on?
1.Please make sure to turn on the SINLOLI device. 

2.Please make sure SINLOLI device is not connected by the other mobile phone's Bluetooth.

3.If your mobile is an Android device, please make sure that SINLOLI allows access to the location of the android phone.
How to modify the name of my Bluetooth toy?
1. Click  and enter into the Bluetooth search interface.

2. Click "Connections" Icon,connected Bluetooth toy successfully.

3. Left slide the " connected "icon .

4. Click "Edit" to change device's name.

5. Click  "Confirm" reboot toys.